Congratulations on your new little one!

There is nothing more exciting and precious than a new baby and I am honored that you chose Renelita Photography to capture these memories for your family.

As a mother myself, I know how wonderful and magical this time is in your life. There is nothing I want more than give you beautiful mementos of these precious, fleeting moments that you will hold dear to your heart as your child grows.

Booking a session date

Please pre-register a date about 3-5 days after your due date. This is just a marker so that I don't book to many newborns that week. We know that babies run on their own schedule! Once your baby is born, please schedule a session date about 5-10 days after their birth date.

Babies are best photographed under 10 days old when
they are most sleepy and cooperative. However, life
happens, and that may not be possible. Don't worry, I will make it work! We just need to photograph them as young as possible. They could be too alert to hold certain poses.
Also, at around 2-3 weeks old, certain babies are prone to baby acne. *Please note that I will not attempt certain poses after 15 days old for the safety of your newborn.

What to expect

Before we start:
• I will arrive with all necessary studio equipment. This includes all newborn accessories, baskets, wraps, small and large props (i.e. plane, boat, tank, etc), lightning and backgrounds. Yes, all those images you normally can only get in a studio session, I will take it in the comfort of your own home! I know how daunting caring for a newborn can be, and there is no safer, more cozy place than home! We will need a room that is at least 10ft wide to set up your home "studio".  But don't worry, we will discuss that further and find the appropriate room. It doesn't have to be a bedroom, it can even be your living room or kitchen! As long as it's a space that can be warm enough for baby. I can even bring my space heater upon request. Because I bring a whole studio to you, I will need up to 30 minutes to setup.

• Speaking of warm, the studio area will need to be very warm during the session. This is for the comfort of the baby, as most of those cuddly, or so cute baby poses will be taken with some of the baby's skin exposed. The warmth will also keep your baby cozy and sleepy for those adorable poses.

• Please feed your baby according to their regular schedule. We want a happy, warm, sleepy baby with a full belly! Also, if you use pacifiers, please have a few on hand.

• Please dress your baby in loose fitting clothing that can be removed with minimal disruption to their sleep. I will be consulting you as I outfit your baby in many accessories during their styled newborn session.

• Parents, you do not have to dress up. Dress comfortably in neutral, white or black shirts, as it's less distracting to the star of the show, your baby! All poses with you will be shot from the waist up.

• If you have any special personal items that you would like to include, such as religious items, sports memorabilia, family heirlooms, etc, I will be more than happy to include them. Please let me know ahead of time, so that I can prepare the best props that will highlight them.

During the session:

• Depending on how comfortable your baby is, we will start with certain poses. Your baby runs the show! If he or she needs to feed, no problem, we will do whatever it takes to make your baby happy. Your baby's safety is my number one concern. For that reason, one parent must be at arms reach of the baby at all poses. Also, if siblings will be included in the shots, please have another parent or adult responsible for them at all times. There will be equipment and props in the studio space that can be knocked over by little ones. Safety is key!

• The entire session will last about 2-3 hours. If it goes over, don't worry. Again, the baby runs the show! I only book one newborn a day, so it's your day, and I will do whatever I need to get the most perfect images.

Most importantly, relax and have fun while we capture beautiful memories your precious little one!

After the session:

Please schedule your viewing appointment about 1 week after. Viewing appointments are typically in the evenings, but I can work around you if that is not possible. I will come to your home or a nearby cafe and review all your editing images where you can choose a newborn package that suits you.